10 Tips for B2B Social Media

8 09 2010

As B2B marketers, we know the growing importance of B2B social media.  We know it’s a necessary tool for seed nurturing and demand generation,  but in many cases, B2B marketers are still not sure where to begin.  The following 10 tips from The Definitive Guide to Social Media by Marketo will help you understand what components are essential to grasp, use and focus on. Read the rest of this entry »


LinkedIn apes Facebook functionality

29 06 2010

LinkedIn is a major player in the social media game when it comes to the business networking crowd. And now it’s stepped up it’s game, taking some inspiration from fellow social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, adding to its groups feature, improving its design and adding more personalisation. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media No. 1 Emerging Channel for Lead Gen

7 06 2010

Social media has been recognised for its benefits in helping to developing a reputation, strengthen credibility, increase brand awareness and increase customer interaction. Now it is proving itself as valuable for lead generation.

Read the rest of this entry »

LinkedIn For You and Your Business

7 05 2010

LinkedIn is a professional, business networking tool. There may be similarities to other social media sites, but LinkedIn is different – it’s only for professionals. Read the rest of this entry »