Online meets real-world shopping with iPad

20 09 2010

An interesting trend is emerging in the UK and US – retailers with online shopping carts have been mounting iPads in their physical stores. Read the rest of this entry »


Could Ads Be Coming to Book Publishing Industry?

1 09 2010

Book lovers who half reluctantly, half excitedly made the switch to the Kindle or other e-reader device – eager for the ease of use and other convenience features but half guilty about giving up the “printed” page – may be horrified to learn what could be coming to their beloved books, if the authors of a Wall Street Journal editorial are right: ads. Read the rest of this entry »

News Corp to launch digital newspaper app

17 08 2010

Rupert Murdoch is catching up with the changes in consumer’s news reading habits with plans to create national digital newspapers as paid-for apps for Apple’s iPad and mobile phones.

The LA Times reported that News Corporation could invest between $30 to $40 million dollars in the venture. The venture will have its own editorial staff, but would also use resources from News Corp publications, such as the New York Post and Dow Jones. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing in the iPad Age

30 07 2010

Mobile isn’t just about phone and SMS these days, an explosion in wireless portable devices is changing the way people consume media and marketers reach out to customers. We’ve had smart phones, and the next generation of that is the Apple iPad. Read the rest of this entry »