10 Steps to Better Content Marketing

22 11 2010

Combine PR, SEO, social marketing and branding and you’ve got content marketing.

Content marketing is an effective technique for building and strengthening relationships with customers. By creating and sharing helpful content with your target market you can become more visible on the web, add value to your core offering and in turn build value into your brand. Read the rest of this entry »


10 Tips for B2B Social Media

8 09 2010

As B2B marketers, we know the growing importance of B2B social media.  We know it’s a necessary tool for seed nurturing and demand generation,  but in many cases, B2B marketers are still not sure where to begin.  The following 10 tips from The Definitive Guide to Social Media by Marketo will help you understand what components are essential to grasp, use and focus on. Read the rest of this entry »

Dealing with Negative Online Word-of-Mouth

9 08 2010

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have given consumers the power to share and spread their opinions on businesses, brands and products. Whether the experience is positive or negative, marketers need to be aware of these discussions and their impact.  In, particular, it is the negative comments that challenge customer relationships. Read the rest of this entry »

To Comment or Not to Comment – What Makes a Good Blog?

13 07 2010

Social networking is a long-term strategy. Think again if you’re after immediate gratification. It takes time to build an audience and credibility in the blogosphere. You’ll be looking for indications that your blog is a success, but is getting lots of comments the definition of success? Read the rest of this entry »

Why blogging is worth the effort

24 06 2010

Aside from the cost-effectiveness of blogging, there are a variety of reasons why it fits positively into a marketing plan. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Build a Loyal Blog Following

28 05 2010

A blog can be an effective tool to grow your business, but not if no one’s reading it. Find out how to build a loyal audience for your blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Comprehensive List of Social Media Marketing Links

16 02 2010

Here’s a comprehensive list of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins, Platforms, Analytics Tools, Apps and other great Social Media resources to help you make the most of Social Media Marketing. Read the rest of this entry »