How Social Are Your Customers?

6 09 2010

Many businesses still have a hard time understanding exactly how social their customers are.

Their confusion usually stems from lack of knowledge on where customers are concentrated so they can effectively target their efforts, a possible disconnect with demographic data, not knowing how much customers participate, and not knowing where to get the right information about their customers.

In this article, Search Engine Watch examines these areas, and tries to effectively figure out just how social your customers really are.

Where Are Your Customers?

The most important factor when developing a social media marketing strategy is figuring out where your customers are. Follow them, and be there to engage with them wherever that may be.

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One response

6 09 2010
Marketing Wise

Finding your customers in the social media world can be a difficult task. Most businesses are maintaining a presence on a number of key sites to cater to customers’ differing social media habits. However, what if this isn’t the best way, and your time is better spent focusing on one or two sites that have the greatest concentration of customers? This article provides some helpful resources for a more scientific, focused approach.

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