Are Banner Ads Dead?

23 08 2010’s new ‘single-page’ format site design may indicate a change to online advertising as it prepares to sell large, customisable ads in as many as 30 different ad combinations. Banner ads, though, are not among them, which could mean the death of banner ads.

Consumers have become accustomed to ignoring banner ads, Neal Mohan, vice president of product management of Google, has noted.  It may be that other ad formats are becoming more popular with consumers as they give their attention to ads designed for higher rates of engagement. But, according to research by MarketingVox, the banner ad is not dead and is simply undergoing an evolution.

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23 08 2010
Marketing Wise

Banner ads are what is left of Web 1.0 and the old advertising model. Nowadays, the Web is a two-way channel for us to connect with our customers, not push advertising messages at them. There are very clever ways to use banners using interactive rich media, but static banners are mostly just pimples on otherwise useful and informative sites. Unless you’re a big brand or have a major event to promote, your advertising dollar is better spent on alternatives.

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