News Corp to launch digital newspaper app

17 08 2010

Rupert Murdoch is catching up with the changes in consumer’s news reading habits with plans to create national digital newspapers as paid-for apps for Apple’s iPad and mobile phones.

The LA Times reported that News Corporation could invest between $30 to $40 million dollars in the venture. The venture will have its own editorial staff, but would also use resources from News Corp publications, such as the New York Post and Dow Jones.

Digital newspapers will compete directly with papers and the content would be concise, adjusting to the reading habits of consumers on the go.

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One response

18 08 2010
Marketing Wise

Online always has attracted heavy resistance from Murdoch. But he isn’t alone – the music and film industries are there at the picket beside him. Of course, it’s all in the spirit of protesting Copyright and, in each of these cases, protecting their survival. However, you can’t resist change forever, and swimming against the current usually doesn’t end in success, no matter how rich or powerful you are. In marketing, you have watch and listen to the customer, then deliver on their requests for new ways of doing things. Well done NewsCorp – you’re finally moving into the 21st Century!

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