Dealing with Negative Online Word-of-Mouth

9 08 2010

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have given consumers the power to share and spread their opinions on businesses, brands and products. Whether the experience is positive or negative, marketers need to be aware of these discussions and their impact.  In, particular, it is the negative comments that challenge customer relationships.

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9 08 2010
Marketing Wise

The age of Social Marketing is all about developing long-term, sustainable relationships with customers. No more pushing our messages and opinions on them or using force and manipulation to get them to buy our products. Strong relationships with our customers are rewarded with retention and endorsements. Social media is a vehicle for two way communication with your customers, managing your online reputation is a key component of a social marketing strategy, and it’s not one to be underestimated or ignored. If we listen carefully, customer feedback, positive or negative, contains the most valuable market intelligence. Have dedicated resources to monitor dialogue, reward feedback and have strategies in place to manage complaints. Being proactive and customer-centric will probably result in loyalty and referrals.

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