Why The ‘Like’ Button Will Be A Revolution

2 08 2010

In April 2010 the internet changed the way people connect, not just in the links which most web users are familiar with but in the context of personal relationships.

When Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web he intended to create a space for the people of the world to connect, share and develop information and relationships. At first it was just loose pockets of data, with information mainly driven by corporations. Then came Web 2.0.

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One response

3 08 2010
Marketing Wise

‘Like’ – such a great invention. Love it for ‘liking’ friends comments and love it for ‘liking’ posts. Do I love it for the pet name for Facebook business pages? Not so much. It just sounds weird, don’t you think: “Like my Like Page”. Mmmmm… But, as this article explains, it looks like ‘Like’ is so much more than we realise. Recently, ‘Like’ has been popping up on blogs and websites all over the web, and as this article explains, it is a key element in the future internet. I ‘Like’ it!

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