Cross-exposure heightens ad effectiveness

22 07 2010

A study by The Nielsen Company has shown that combining  TV and online greatly increases advertising effectiveness.

In a Nielsen study of direct-to-consumer drug advertising, exposure on TV and online was more than twice as likely to prompt patients to ask their physician about the drug than on TV or internet alone. Compared to consumers who had only seen a TV ad for a specific drug, consumers who had seen both a TV and online ad were 100% more likely to ask their doctor about it.

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One response

22 07 2010
Marketing Wise

Obviously, some industries are persisting with traditional broadcast advertising, but the feedback I am generally getting from marketers is that it’s had it’s dying day. With technology as such as viewers can fast forward on live TV with the advent of Tivo and Foxtel IQ, etc, why would anyone sit through the ads? An interesting point to come out of the research discussed in this article is the comparison of the attention spans between broadcast and online advertising, with tolerance almost doubling for online.

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