To Comment or Not to Comment – What Makes a Good Blog?

13 07 2010

Social networking is a long-term strategy. Think again if you’re after immediate gratification. It takes time to build an audience and credibility in the blogosphere. You’ll be looking for indications that your blog is a success, but is getting lots of comments the definition of success?

The best indication of whether a blog is successful or not isn’t the number of comments people leave, but in the analytics data. In particular the length of time users spend on the page and number of page views. A matter of seconds indicates the post has been a flop, and a few minutes and maybe a click to another page should give some confidence that the message resonated.

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One response

13 07 2010
Marketing Wise

There are a number of good reasons to comment on blogs. The top 5 reasons are as follows:
1. Commenting on blogs gets you noticed and boosts your profile in social media communities.
2. Commenting increases brand exposure.
3. Commenting redirects traffic to your blog, website or other campaign.
4. Commenting provides links to your blog or website that help with SEO (search Engine Optimisation).
5. Commenting enhances the value of the post and contributes to the knowledge of the group.
It’s not necessary for comments to be long winded. One or two sentences can be enough.

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