Facebook Fans More Valuable Customers

6 07 2010

The average value of a Facebook fan is $137 and can be worth up to $270, according to a new study from digital consulting firm Syncapse Corp. This value is based on Syncapse analysis of five factors per fan: product spending, brand loyalty, propensity to recommend, brand affinity and earned media value, writes MarketingCharts.

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One response

6 07 2010
Marketing Wise

The subjects in this study have been big U.S. consumer brands, such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, even Oreo’s, so the numbers don’t so much apply to most of our businesses. However, what is relevant is the context of the article – that ‘Facebook Fans Are More Valuable Customers’ – and I would agree with this summation. Social Media, especially Facebook, has given businesses a platform to interact with and engage customers. Engagement means being ‘Top of Mind’ and thereby increased loyalty, including the propensity to recommend. There is no better endorsement than a friend’s recommendation and a simple ‘Like’ from a friend can be enough to imply that your business is worth buying from.

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