Long Tail Keyword Choice for Niche Marketing

1 07 2010

It goes without saying that the shorter the keyword string the greater the competition. So most businesses can only hope to successfully compete for keywords in the tail of the distribution. While this seems like a disadvantage, it is in many ways a better option for businesses, as it is a much more targeted ‘niche’ approach.

The “long tail” concept was popularised by Chris Anderson in an article in Wired magazine (2004), and it works like this.

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1 07 2010
Marketing Wise

When optimising an online campaign, most marketers automatically go for the most obvious keywords, with 1, 2 or 3 (max) words in a KWS (keyword string). The problem with this approach is that the shorter the KWS, usually the higher the competition. It pays to have a keyword strategy that incorporates long-tail keywords and phrases, especially when … See moreyour newly optimised, in a highly competitive industry or competing against bigger, more established players. This approach is also more targeted, resulting in highly relevant, and therefore better quality, traffic.

2 07 2010
Link Building

Really good points, nice article that i enjoyed reading. Look forward to your next post.

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