Why blogging is worth the effort

24 06 2010

Aside from the cost-effectiveness of blogging, there are a variety of reasons why it fits positively into a marketing plan.

Firstly, blogging builds a community. The conversational, informational nature of the content means customers/clients feel less like their being sold to. The fact they can comment and share their thoughts means they feel less like passive recipients of a marketing message.

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24 06 2010
Marketing Wise

This article discusses the benefits of blogging in terms of building and strengthening relationships with customers. However, blogging has additional benefits including improving search engine visibility (SEO) and industry credibility and leadership. Blogging in more than an important touch-point in the lead generation process, it helps to streamline customer service and post-sales support.

26 06 2010
RM - InBoundmarketingpr

Great article which really pinpoints all the reasons why blogging is so important for companies trying to build their brands.. Corporate blogs are so important in humanizing your company. I too have written about the importance of blogging for companies, Blogging and Inbound Marketing http://bit.ly/bLIE6R .

Thank you for such a great article and for reinforcing the importance of blogging in order to get found.


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