Social Media No. 1 Emerging Channel for Lead Gen

7 06 2010

Social media has been recognised for its benefits in helping to developing a reputation, strengthen credibility, increase brand awareness and increase customer interaction. Now it is proving itself as valuable for lead generation.

In February 2010, for example, inbound online marketing platform HubSpot found Twitter usage could double monthly leads, and Onesource reported in January that business-to-business salespeople were looking to LinkedIn for prospecting, reports eMarketer.

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7 06 2010
Marketing Wise

I’ve previously exclaimed that social media is the 2010 marketing revolution. Uptake amongst marketers is happening at a rapid rate. These stats simply prove that. The main point of interest here though, is the expectation regarding lead creation and the concern about measurement.

The mistake that many businesses make is expecting marketing to be sales; it’s just not that simple. I see social media as an excellent tool for nurturing leads, strengthening/reinforcing brand and developing strong customer relationships. The effect on sales is, and should be, more subtle than hard cold numbers.

8 06 2010

Don’t forget to use Jigsaw for lead generation.
I use it to find just the right people to call.
That improves my success.

8 06 2010
Marketing Wise

Hi Jeff. Thanks for commenting and contributing to my blog. Keep reading!

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